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About Us

“Rosie’s School of Rock  have reinvented  the way  music is taught. They have  taken the best of what music is all about and created a  fun and motivating way to learn.”

Aaron Chugg


Rosie’s School of Rock is located in Newcastle NSW Australia,the Music School was founded in 2007 by the dynamic duo of Craig “Rosie” Rosevear and his wife Belinda. Rosie is a  respected and talented muiscian best known for his role  with Legendary Aussie Rock Band The Screaming Jets.

Craig and Belinda Rosevear

As a member of The Screaming Jets, Craig ‘Rosie”  Rosevear had experienced first hand the benefits that the interactive nature of  live performance had on developing musical skills,confidence and friends.

Craig & Belinda decided to establish a Music School in Newcastle, NSW Australia after spending several years living in Hollywood,Los Angeles. During their time in the US Craig & Belinda would discuss how beneficial it would be for Kids if they could learn a song and perform it with a band; an Interactive Experience.

All the fundamental techniques could be incorporated into the learning of a Rock song instead of learning in isolation. For example a Guitarist could learn a solo which incorporated the Pentatonic Scale rather than just learning a Pentatonic Scale on it’s own….not only would it be more fun to learn this way but it was more motivating to know there was a reason to learn the song…the best test of all…a live Gig.




Upon their return to Australia Craig and Belinda combined their skills & passion for Music and opened  the  1st Interactive Music School in Newcastle NSW.

Rosie’s School of Rock provides Singing Lessons,Guitar LessonsBass Lessons,Piano/ Keyboard Lessons, Drum Lessons, Band Lessons and many more programs dedicated to helping kids gain confidence,it wasn’t long before they outgrew the premises and needed to search for a much larger facilities.



Craig Rosevear with the Screaming Jets
The Music Teachers, Singing Teachers, Guitar Teachers, Piano Teachers and Drum Teachers at Rosie’s School of Rock are all professional Musicians who don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.


Rosie’s School of Rock provide Singing Lessons,Guitar LessonsBass Lessons,Piano/ Keyboard LessonsDrum Lessons &  Band Lessons. We provide group lessons for Singing,Guitar and Drums (DrumCrew).

Band Programs include BOOST & Total Rockstar (Certificate 2 in Music)

Rosie’s School of Rock  located at 663 Glebe Rd. Adamstown, NSW Australia is a purpose built premises. Boasting Air Conditioned, soundproofed private music tuition rooms, a large band jam room, recording studio and large dance studio ,Rosie’s School of Rock lays claim to the most extravagant and fuctional music academy in Newcastle NSW Australia.



Craig ‘Rosie’ Rosevear Onstage with The Screaming Jets