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Gigs Equal Confidence. That’s Why Our Students Perform Regularly

"I've been a Professional Musician for over 30 years.The best part for me has been connecting with the other Musicians Onstage and the Audience. That's why our Programs at Rosie's School of Rock are Performance Based." Craig "Rosie"Rosevear -Principal  Join Us to witness lives transform before your very eyes as over 100 young musicians take to the...
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Upcoming Gig: October Long Weekend

A Great Opportunity for Students from Rosie's School of Rock will occur this coming October Long Weekend. Always an iconic gig this year's event will be headlined by Oz Rock Supergroup  MONSTERS OF ROCK  Downunder Besides Rosie's School of Rock,there are some great other bands appearing on the bill including Justin Ngariki & the Dastardly Bastards,Voodoo...
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