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Drum Lessons Newcastle NSW

Learn to Play Drums Using Our Unique Song Based Method.


Rosie’s School of Rock offer  Drum Lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced musicians.

Drums Lessons Newcastle

Why Learn to Play a Paradiddle  on it’s own  when you can transform it into a Drum Fill   to play in one of your favourite Rock Songs ?

Students will then have the opportunity to perform their Song with a band, interacting with other Young Musicians just like them.

Our purpose built JAM ROOM comes complete with Full Backine, P.A & Lights. Here students will be mentored by their teachers about playing their instrument performing  in a band. Parents and friends are invited to attend and experience their kids progression.

“For Me the best part about learning Music was getting together with my Mates to Play a Song,not just an exercise out of a book !  Knowing that I had a Jam coming up made me practice more…. that made me a better musician. Music is heaps more fun playing with others in front of people. That’s what I’ve been doing in Bands like The Screaming Jets for many years. It’s made me a more confident person and a better musician …..It’s worked for Me and it will work for You”

Craig “Rosie” Rosevear



Learn to Play  Drums The Rosie’s Way and Experience

Performance techniques

Being Confident In Front of an Audience


Music Reading & Writing


How to Play with a Click Track/Metronome

Tuning & Setup

Drum Grooves

Drum Fills


Independence & Coordination

Playing with a Band

Drum Teachers Newcastle


“Omg just balled my eyes out !!

After watching Your End Of Term Gig yesterday (Handpicked) I am so so so proud of my nephew Brayden Harrison … baby boy you and your band are amazing I’m so so sooooo proud to be your Aunty ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
A big big big shout out to Rosies SchoolofRock for being there and providing this amazing school for the kids… You guys are absolutley amazing xxx”


Tellissa Lee Todd, Aunty of Braden (aged 8)