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DrumCrew connects kids with Music and One another  in Newcastle NSW. A Drumming Group for Kids to join a musical journey.

Drum Crew_Drum Lessons Newcastle“From the moment I picked up a pair of Drumsticks my life changed forever. Drumming has given me so much: Friends , Confidence , Career, and most importantly a sense of purpose.

Craig “Rosie” Rosevear


Drumming Group Newcastle

DrumCrew performing at the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony



  • Musical Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Confidence through Performance



  •  An inclusive program for mainsteam & special needs students
  •  Allows children to connect with  other kids in a fun & engaging environment.
  • An  immediate  &  convenient way to connect with Music.
  • Allows opportunity to  experience  the thrill of  performing in front of a live crowd.

Drumming Groups Newcastle

An Inclusive Program for Girls and Boys



Recently on a trip to  New York I witnessed  a group of teenage boys and girls drumming on the street to a large group of spectators.  The connection between the members of the group with each and with the crowd was unforgettable.It was at this point that I knew that  the wisdom of thousands of years of drumming could be transformed into the 21st Century, in a format that modern kids  could relate…..Drum Crew !!