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Young Band_ Music Lessons Newcastle

“This is the best program to motivate and develop your kids as Musicians and as People; it really works.”

Kerry Bennetts (mother of Jasmine & Joshua)


Interactive Approach:


  •  The ROCKER program uses popular rock songs to educate,engage & motivate students for ages 7+
  • Utilising our very successful Song Based Method students combinine weekly private lessons and a structured group rehearsal (Jam) each term. The   ultimate goal is performing live in front of real crowds to increase your confidence





  • To prepare you for Live Performances (called “Gigs”) we have a dedicated Jam Room. This is like a real stage where you have the opportunity to perform your selected term song with other students just like you.
  • During ROCKER Jams you gain an  understanding of how your part relates to the group; playing a song as part of a group is the best part of being a musician.
  • ROCKER Jams ocur in Week 6 or 7 each term and Family & Friends are welcome to watch.
  • Once you feel ready you can perfrom at out Handpicked Gig which we do at the end of each term.


How It Works

Rocker Program: How it Works








“The Rocker Program has been fantastic in helping my boys boost their confidence. Getting up and performing songs in front of their friends and family has done wonders for their self esteem.”

Gina Cameron Mum of Noah & Ely